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Who will redraw our districts?

Californians have until February 12, 2010 to apply for the first ever Citizens Redistricting Commission, established last year by a voter initiative.

'Tis the season to salute all patriots

The holidays make me fat. It’s either that, or just my survival instincts preparing for the cold by packing on some extra insulation.

More guidance on the soon-to-be-history HIV ban

The end of the HIV ban is, incredibly, less than two weeks away. Guidance for government officials who will implement the change has been coming in in dribs and drabs.

Holidays show double standard of DADT

Although stress and separation from loved ones is a part of life for most service members, LGBT patriots often experience a greater sense of loneliness during the holidays.

Immigration Equality announces 501(c)4 action fund

Immigration Equality announced today that it has established a “501(c)4” entity, the Immigration Equality Action Fund, to significantly increase its federal advocacy and grassroots organizing work.

37 Assemblymembers tell Governor, "No more HIV/AIDS cuts!"

Assemblymember Dave Jones and 37 of his colleagues sent a strongly worded letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger making one thing perfectly clear: further cuts to the embattled AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) are unacceptable, wrong and life-threatening.

Right-wing school tactics = death

Jim Nickoff, my best friend of more than 20 years, came out at age 15 in 1978, a time when very few teenagers came out and even fewer services were available for LGBT youth.