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Catching up on interesting threads

If you’ve got a quiet week, take a look at some interesting projects we’ve participated in this year.

Immigration Equality is a member of the Council for Global Equality, a new group focused on LGBT issues in American foreign policy. We collaborated with them, along with HRC and Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, to publish a report on equality practices by global corporations. The report is called “Anchoring Equality,” and though it’s pitched toward LGBT non-discrimination policies as implemented overseas, when you read it you’ll find lots of material pertaining to binational couples and foreign national couples harmed by the United States’ discriminatory immigration policies. A PDF of the report is available on the Council’s website and I’m happy to send you a hard copy.

The Pulitzer Center is a non-profit reporting group that has done excellent work covering homophobia and HIV in Jamaica. Their web portal, The Glass Closet, includes video, poetry, and other multimedia tools to explore the connection between HIV/AIDS and the violent oppression of LGBT people. Immigration Equality represents hundreds of asylum-seekers from around the world, and again this year we won more cases for LGBT refugees from Jamaica than from the next three countries combined. I appeared on a panel sponsored by the Pulitzer Center, which you can watch on their website. I talk about our asylum work for Jamaicans, and I share the panel with Micah Fink from the Pulitzer Center, Professor Kwame Dawes, Nancy Mahon from MAC AIDS Fund, which has long supported our Caribbean work, and the leader of JFLAG, the brave group of Jamaicans working to improve the situation for LGBT people locally.