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More guidance on the soon-to-be-history HIV ban

The end of the HIV ban is, incredibly, less than two weeks away. Guidance for government officials who will implement the change has been coming in in dribs and drabs.

We’ve been hearing a lot of questions from people abroad, worried that consular officers have not been informed of the rule change. Fortunately, the Department of State has finally issued guidance, making it clear that HIV will no longer be a reason to deny visas, starting on January 4, 2010.

Anyone who is HIV-positive and has an interview at a consulate after January 4, 2010, should print and bring the Q and A with them. If anyone has any problems with their consulate, please let Immigration Equality know right away.

Also, we have just learned that the Centers for Disease Control sent a letter to the doctors who perform “green card” medical exams, instructing them NOT to test for HIV anymore after January 4, 2010, and telling them to write, “no longer required,” in the HIV test box.

Again, if you have a medical exam scheduled after January 4, 2010, you may want to print out this letter and bring it along to ensure that you are not wrongly tested and that the doctor completes the form correctly. If anyone has any problems at their medical exam, let Immigration Equality know right away.

Happy Holidays!