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"No Doubt” Forces Stretched Too Thin

“There's no doubt that there has been for many, many years a strain on our forces; that that strain has caused repeated tours,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recently when asked if Secretary Gates will reduce discharges under DADT.

The big news last week of course was that President Obama announced he will send another 30,000 service members to Afghanistan, bringing the total number of U.S. troops to 100,000. Let us state the obvious: Some of those newly deployed troops are gay.

As if going to war wasn't bad enough, they will be entering an ugly silence, forced to live under an oppressive law. Women are strictly prohibited from discussing what they did over the weekend with their girlfriend -- no talk of movies or dinner together. They either have to shut up or put on an "I-like-boys" charade.

Yet our forces remain strained...

SLDN will be working hard to scrap this law next year to end the additional burden 65,000 LGBT SMS have to live -- and die -- under.