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Progress in D.C., Procrastination in New Jersey

NBC News reports that the District of Columbia City Council has voted 11-2 in favor of marriage equality. This is the first of two votes on the issue, with the final vote expected to take place later this month. Mayor Adrian Fenty has said he will sign the bill. Although the law would be subject to congressional review before taking effect, Congress is not expected to alter the law.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, the State Legislature is backing off of earlier indications that they would pass a marriage equality bill before the end of the year. Tom Moran describes in the Star-Ledger how Democratic supporters of the bill have been defecting in the wake of Governor Jon Corzine's defeat in his run for re-election last month. Corzine had pledged to sign a marriage equality into law if it reached his desk, regardless of the outcome of the election.