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Restore Equality 2010 Marches on Despite Decision by Courage Campaign

Restore Equality 2010 (RE 2010), the statewide coalition of organizations committed to repealing California’s Proposition 8 in 2010, responded strongly to the statements issued today by the Courage Campaign and Lamba Legal calling for more time before returning to the ballot box.

Jo Hoenninger, chair of the interim Executive Committee for RE 2010, said, “This is a movement for equality. Harvey Milk didn’t wait for research. He hit the streets year after year. We honor his memory by gathering signatures now so our rights can be restored in 2010 not at some later time when it might be an easier struggle.”

Hoenninger added, “We appreciate the research work done by the Courage Campaign. The results to date – that one-to-one conversations are the most effective way to change hearts and minds – show that it is all the more important for us to continue to have the conversations necessary to gather the signatures for 2010 repeal of Proposition 8.”

RE 2010 continues to work with coalition partner Love Honor Cherish to gather 1 million signatures by next April, ensuring a repeal of Proposition 8 is on the California ballot in 2010.

Through the first-of-its-kind social networking site SignforEquality.com, signatures have been gathered at locations in every corner of the state of California by volunteers, and have been signed and sent from home by individuals.

“We understand that a grassroots effort takes time to find its feet,” said Jeffrey Taylor, spokesman for RE 2010. “We are staunchly committed to creating increased momentum until we meet our goal. Concurrently, we are working to ensure every place and every population in this great state has a voice in the 2010 campaign when we reach our goal.”

Taylor continues, “Even though the leadership of the Courage Campaign chooses to wait, many of Courage Campaign’s members are regional representatives with RE 2010. In fact, 80% of the membership of the Courage Campaign are in favor of a Prop. 8 repeal in 2010. “

RE 2010 remains confident, even though organizations like the Courage Campaign and Lambda Legal prefer to stand on the sidelines for now. “We are encouraged by the LA Times poll showing an increase in support among Californians for same-sex marriage, and we are also encouraged by the initial findings from Courage’s research showing a shift in our favor as well,” said Taylor. The LA Times poll shows 51% of Californians now favor marriage equality.

Hoenninger agrees. “We know this a tough battle, but we are up for the challenge and fully expect those who disagree with us to respect our volunteers.”

Taylor adds, “We look forward to Courage Campaign and many other great organizations keeping their promise to join us when the signature gathering effort has been successful and the ballot campaign commences.”

Restore Equality 2010 is founded and supported by grassroots organizations throughout California, dedicated to equal marriage rights for all Californians. The organization's mission is to unite Californians in the campaign to restore marriage equality in 2010 through grassroots activism, signature gathering, outreach, education, and dialogue.