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A Message of Thanks

As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, all of us at Immigration Equality are enormously grateful to have you as part of our extended family. This year, especially, we have an amazing record to celebrate together.

Please take a moment to glance at our newest publication, Branching Out, Fall/Winter Update: http://bit.ly/6ah1R5.

Branching Out highlights the amazing work we’ve done together over the past year . . . and looks at the family of supporters who have made that work possible.

Because of your support:
- We answered 1,720 legal helpline inquiries last year.
- 44 million readers learned about our families in People Magazine.
- More than 400 organizational allies joined us in supporting an end to the HIV Travel and Immigration Ban.
- 147 Members of Congress – and counting – now support legislation to end discrimination against our families.
- Our families’ stories – and your generous support – are making a real difference. Just last week, The Nation wrote that Americans “should fight for [LGBT-inclusive immigration reform] just as hard as we have fought for a public option in healthcare.”

From the end of the HIV ban to growing public and Congressional support for binational families, there is much to be thankful for this holiday season.

We hope you will join us in celebrating our achievements, and that you will pass the update along to friends and family and ask them to join us, too.

Together, we are ensuring that all families, and all immigrants, are treated equally.

This Thanksgiving, we know that many of you will be forced to spend the day away from your loved ones. Please know, however, that every member of the Immigration Equality family is working tirelessly to make sure this is the last Thanksgiving you spend apart.

And never forget that each and everyone one of you are part of the immigration family tree, too.

From our family to yours . . .
Happy Thanksgiving

P.S. – Branching Out, our newest Fall/Winter update is fresh off the press! Click here for a preview: http://bit.ly/6ah1R5. We promise it will have the most beautiful presentation of legal stats you have ever seen!