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NY State Senator Eric Adams Comments on Delayed Vote

Dear Friends (Brothers and Sisters) in the LBGT community:

I know that many of you were disappointed to learn that the bill to amend NYS Domestic Relations Law to legalize gay marriage in our State did not come to the floor of the State Senate this week for debate or a vote. I WAS DISAPPOINTED TOO! We have been engaged in a long struggle, and this is NOT the time to give up. I need your support now more than ever (and you have mine!). We have been running a marathon, we have completed 26 miles, and the finish line is in sight a few yards away! As your State Senator, I promise you that I am firmly committed to bringing this important human rights issue to the Senate floor, and I will do so before the end of this year. WE WILL HOLD A VOTE IN 2009!

I am reproducing below my official position on this critical matter:

“I fully support legislation to render all gender-specific language in NYS Domestic Relations Law gender-neutral, thus affording same-sex couples the identical opportunity, the identical freedom, to contract civil marriages in the same way as opposite-sex couples do currently.

I believe that no legal status, no rights, no benefits, no privileges, and no protections relating to marriage should differ based upon the gender of the parties involved.

The unfairness inherent in depriving same-sex couples of this fundamental justice undermines the stability of family relationships, creates in every sense a second-class citizenry, and weakens our society. I will vote in favor of a gay marriage bill because I believe that gay couples desire exactly the same type of committed relationship as do straight couples, and that relationship, marriage, is a basic human right.”