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With a Narrow Loss in Maine, Marriage Equality USA Redoubles Efforts to Win the Freedom to Marry

"Our hearts go out to same-sex couples in Maine who have had their fundamental right to marry stripped away by a slim majority," said Molly McKay, Marriage Equality USA. "It's absolutely inhumane to put same-sex couples and their children through these grueling campaigns that only serve to promote hatred, ignorance and bigotry. LGBT Americans deserve the same security and respect that marriage provides to all other families and we will continue on our journey that has brought us this far and continue to share our truth and the impact of discrimination – it is truly only a matter of time. We, of the generation that has been tasked with the obligation to end legal discrimination against LGBT Americans must learn that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain…and dance and march and sing and pray is what we will do…and as our most beloved Dr. Martin Luther King has said, we will do so, '[u]ntil justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.'"

"We must continue to heed the advice of Harvey Milk and 'come out' to everyone we meet as supporters of marriage equality, as LGBT people, as sisters, brothers, parents and friends of gay people," said Pamela Brown, Marriage Equality USA Policy Director. "On Tuesday night, we achieved victories in Washington State and Kalamazoo, seven openly gay candidates won in elections spanning the nation from St. Petersburg, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah and two are in run-off elections in Houston, Texas and the 58th District in Georgia. And as people witness same-sex couples happily married in six states, living their lives, mowing their lawn, paying their taxes and as our families become woven into the seamless web of community and citizenship, the injustice of separate of unequal treatment will grow more and more apparent. To help highlight our common humanity, Marriage Equality USA is launching a stories project, particularly in states where marriage equality is a reality. We want to encourage same-sex couples, their families, straight allies, and other community members to share their experiences on the impact and importance of extending the freedom to marry to all loving, committed couples. The stories we collect will be presented through a digital stories project that we will release during February's Freedom to Marry month."

"The diversity of our experiences is important to share because there are so many people to reach and we must reflect the reality that we are truly everywhere, in every community and demographic. No one will do this for us, we must be the change we want to see in the world and it begins with sharing our truth. Your story may be the one that will make a difference for some conflicted but potential marriage equality supporter," said Brown. "So spread the word and send in your story today."