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Morgan M. Hurley on the Stephanie Miller Show

One of Morgan Hurley’s first assignments at SDGLN.com was to write a story about the California Protection of Marriage Act 2010, a measure designed to ban divorce in order to protect traditional marriage in California. She chose to focus on the ambiguous public stance of the measure’s author, John Marcotte.

Morgan’s story was seen by Chris Lavoie, producer of The Stephanie Miller Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. They liked the story and asked Morgan to call in and discuss it on the show, and this past Monday, she did just that.

If you missed it live, here is the podcast.

Since Morgan’s gig earlier this week, Stephanie Miller subsequently interviewed Marcotte, the man behind the California Protection of Marriage Act. You can listen to his call at www.stephaniemiller.com.

To read Morgan’s initial story, click here