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Help Send Young Democrats to Maine to Fight for Marriage Equality!

With only five days left until voters head to the polls, Stonewall Young Democrats chapters across California, including members of San Diego's chapter, are leading the charge to prevent the anti-equality movement from taking away the right of same-sex couples to marry in Maine.

Please help pick up a portion of the travel costs for the California Stonewall Young Democrats to help protect Maine equality: http://bit.ly/1iA90B

Our youth chapters in California have organized a campaign invasion to send as many as 40 LGBT and allied students and youth to fight against Question 1 – “Maine’s version of Proposition 8,” as one of their leaders referred to it in an email to me – for GOTV weekend. However, they need your help to raise an additional $3,500 to cover all the costs for this invasion.

These young LGBT and allied Californians know how painful it is to have basic civil rights stripped away by a vote of the people and they are determined to prevent this from happening again.

You can help to save marriage equality in Maine by sponsoring our youth to travel there and lend a hand for GOTV weekend.
Here’s an email I received from one of our youth organizers in California just yesterday:

“For the rest of the Country, November 4, 2008 was a day of hope and triumph — but for us it can only be a bittersweet memory. We will eventually repeal Proposition 8 in California and regain marriage equality, but that task becomes much more complicated if Proposition 8 becomes a trend. We will once again be thrown on the defensive at a time when we are preparing to go on the offense. Maine is now Ground Zero in the fight for equality. We have flights booked and housing secured for these brave volunteers who are giving of their own time to fight for equality. Just days before our departure, we have found out a major portion of our tickets, which are standby, which we were told would be free have a $95 cost associated with them. We need to raise $3,500 to keep this program cost neutral for our young participants.”

Despite careful planning and logistics, campaigns are hectic and our youth are pulling in last minute resources to make this grassroots effort as successful as possible and bring new young people into the movement.

Won't you help our youth make a difference in this fight?

From the ground in Maine,
Jenna Lowenstein
Director of Communications & Online Organizing