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Anti-LGBT Parents Calling Schools to Cancel Harvey Milk Day

Randy Thomasson’s anti-LGBT extremist group SaveCalifornia.com is losing it over Harvey Milk Day. In an attempt to hijack curricula and force their own agenda through our public schools, they are urging their followers to call local schools and school boards and demanding they erase Harvey Milk Day from the school calendar.

When hate-mongers target and demonize LGBT students in our public schools, these youth have nowhere else to go. They are legally required to be there. Shouldn’t we make sure our schools are safe and affirming for ALL students?

Well, we have phones, too.

Let’s speak up for our families. Take a page from the homophobe’s playbook and find your local schools and board of education. Or call your alma mater and use your alumni influence. Tell them that you support Harvey Milk Day, passed into law by our democratically elected state government, and that you don’t want our schools to skimp on important state history.

Hate has no place in schools. Children should learn about respect and acceptance. Safe environments for all are critical to learning.

Don’t let your hard work be in vain. The tens of thousands of phone calls and petition signatures EQCA supporters made this past year to get the governor to sign Harvey Milk Day into law meant something. They meant that Californians care about the contributions of LGBT people to history. They care about the legacy of Harvey Milk. They care about role models for LGBT youth and about teaching the costs of violence to all students.