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25,000 Down, How About Another 10,000?

At 2:30, Amy Mello—our field director—shared some fantastic news: EQCA volunteers, along with our local coalition partners at all our offices, made our 25,000th call to Maine this afternoon, hitting our commitment to the campaign through Election Day. The California calls are a full one-third of all the out-of-state calls supporting the No on 1 campaign in Maine. Great job, volunteers!

But we cannot stop. I just got off the phone with Becca Ahuja, who leads the field effort for No on 1 (on loan from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and one of the best organizers in the country). Becca told me how vital these calls are. They are identifying new people who are committing to voting no, and making sure that these new folks, and all those they’ve identified so far, get to the polls and VOTE! She urged us to keep at it!

I am so impressed at the amazing work of our field team. Of our 20 organizers, 11 raised their own funds to spend a week in Maine with the No on 1 campaign. They’ve been all over Maine identifying No voters and getting them to the polls—literally dragging people out of their dorms to go vote. This is hugely helpful to the Maine effort, and also provides valuable training to the organizers for our work in California.

As a former Bostonian, I have to admit I get a kick out of listening to our Southern California field organizers freaking out as they plan for their trips to the Great North. Mike Ai worries that he doesn’t have a coat that’s heavy enough. But I tell him that, with the adrenaline flowing when he’s there, he won’t be able to tell whether he’s at University of Maine at Orono or the OC where he grew up (if I’m wrong, he can stop by L.L. Bean and buy some heavy plaid!).

Please help us go the distance! Our nine field offices around the state are running phone banks all the way through Election Day, one week from Tuesday. Go to www.eqca.org/volunteer to find out more. Please commit to as many shifts as you can. Let’s help our friends in Maine bring this one home.