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Conservative Newspapers Endorse Repeal

“Those who wish to serve and are qualified should be allowed the honor of showing their loyalty and duty to country by joining the armed forces if they so desire.”

This isn’t a quote from the opinion pages of the New York Times or THE Advocate, but comes from an editorial that appeared Wednesday in the Fort Worth, Texas Star-Telegram. The editorial goes on to say DADT is a relic of the past “that is out of step with the times and now with public opinion.”

The Star takes the case for repeal a step further by calling on the Obama Administration to embrace a sense of urgency to end discrimination in the armed forces:

“Procrastination on this matter must come to an end. It is right that the president consult with his military leaders, but if he is serious about fulfilling his campaign promise and doing the right thing, he should be pressuring Congress on this issue even as he pushes on others on which he has called for change.”

The Charleston Gazette in West Virginia also took on DADT earlier this week, arguing that open service would not deplete the ranks of straight service members as repeal opponents claim. “In the past, conservative groups have warned that ‘straight’ soldiers will be upset and resign if open gays enlist. But the [Joint Force Quarterly] article said Canada and Great Britain ended their prohibitions, and ‘the result was no-effect.’”

Like the Star, the editorial board at the Gazette understands the times have changed and the country is ready for repeal. The paper noted, “America constantly grows more tolerant and accepting. Hostility to gays has faded, except among hard-core fundamentalists… We hope the new administration in Washington brings true equality to military service.”

It’s not just a majority of progressives who understand that sexual orientation is unrelated to job performance. DADT repeal is a goal shared by a majority of Americans, liberal and conservative, as indicated by the latest Gallup poll -- 58 percent of conservatives think gays should serve openly.

Americans are hands down for scrapping this bad law. Now let’s get it done.