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Fighting 'Fear and Lies' in Maine

With only days left until Election Day in Maine, the fight surrounding Question 1 is bearing a stark similarity to California’s Proposition 8 battle last year. In fact, the chairman of the anti-gay PAC, Stand for Marriage Maine, has even hired the Yes on 8 PR manager Schubert Flint.

"We put suspenders on instead of cuff links," Marc Mutty told the Los Angeles Times. "But the message is the same." Mutty is a spokesperson for Yes on 1 who worked for the Portland Roman Catholic Diocese.

I have been in Maine for the last two weeks, phone banking and fighting to defeat the discriminatory Question 1. I have witnessed first hand the half-truths and outright lies used by the other side.

Help me fight these lies and distortions. Sign up to make calls to voters in Maine and Washington State at http://bit.ly/MBgNJ. The opposition is calling our supporters to confuse them and we need more people to ensure our supporters know how to vote.

Marriage equality needs your help!