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Anti-LGBT Forces Throw A Fit Over Harvey Milk Day

The religious right has officially put California public schools "on notice."

Even though Gov. Schwarzenegger signed SB 572 a week ago, Randy Thomasson and SaveCalifornia.Com continue to assault and slander former San Francisco Supervisor and LGBT civil rights leader Harvey Milk. In an article published by the arch-conservative website World Net Daily, Thomasson is calling on parents to keep their kids out of school as long as humanly possible.

"This is a red alert for parents. Your child will be sexually indoctrinated if left in the government-school system,” Thomasson told WND. “Parents are waking up to the fact that to protect their kids from being sexually brainwashed, they must not only keep them home on Harvey Milk Day, but they must rescue their children by placing them in homeschooling or a solid church school."

These extremists want public schools to lose enough daily attendance funding so that they are financially coerced into ignoring the contributions of LGBT people to history.

And all because the state is encouraging - not requiring - California public schools to “conduct suitable commemorative exercises … remembering the life of Harvey Milk and recognizing his accomplishments as well as the contributions he made to this state,” and because a spokesperson for William S. Hart Union High School said that teachers could include discussions of Milk in a literature or social studies class “as long as it's related to the topic."

It will be interesting to see how many parents will consider “rescuing” their children to avoid one day a year.

SB 572 was sponsored by EQCA and authored by Senator Mark Leno.