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Help "Atlanta Power Couple" Support All Our Troops

We often hear the words “we support our troops.” I just heard it on the radio this morning in an ad for a veteran-related charity. When I hear those words, I always wonder, “do you support all our troops—or do you support only those who are straight?”

SLDN is blessed to have thousands of constituents from all walks of life who support every single service member on active duty or in the reserves. Their support is based on the dedication of these men and women to our country and their willingness to put their lives on the line to defend our American freedoms. Their support is not based on the color of skin, religion, or sexual orientation. It flows from love of country, not discrimination.

Two of these goods souls hail from Atlanta, Georgia. They have been referred to in the Southern Voice as “Atlanta power-couple and attorneys, Jeff Cleghorn and Kevin Kirby,” but we at SLDN know them simply as tireless and committed supporters of our troops—all our troops.

Jeff, a former officer in the Army’s Intelligence Corps, worked on behalf of our service members at SLDN after graduating from the George Washington University Law School in 1999 (where he was a classmate and friend of my partner). Since leaving SLDN’s employ, Jeff and his partner, Kevin, have continued to support the troops, especially those who serve despite being subjected to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

On October 24, Jeff and Kevin are encouraging others to join them. They will host a fundraiser at their home to support SLDN’s work on behalf of those women and men whose service often is forgotten or denigrated. We appreciate Jeff and Kevin’s dedication. When they say “we support our troops,” they mean it. Click http://bit.ly/2Wpvim to RSVP.