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Inclusive Immigration Reform Tops Poll of LGBT Priorities

Earlier this week, we asked Immigration Equality supporters to weigh in, at Pam’s House Blend, on which issue you thought should be top priority for President Obama as he prepares to address the community this weekend at the Human Rights Campaign annual dinner.

This morning, we have proof that your voice matters.

Many of you logged onto Pam’s site, and ending discrimination against LGBT binational families now ranks as the #1 priority that readers want the President to address. Passing LGBT-inclusive immigration reform ranks ahead of every other issue. And the comments on Pam’s site speak for themselves. Your stories – and your families – are changing hearts and minds.

The results should leave you each with little doubt: our work is gaining traction and garnering attention, too. Winning equal immigration rights was, as recently as a few years ago, rarely mentioned among the list of LGBT priorities. Today, it lands at the top of that list at one of the most important LGBT online communities. And your stories – which were too often untold in the media – are making headlines in places like The New York Times, The Associated Press and an in-depth, feature story in The Advocate (the magazine of record for the LGBT community), too.

The progress we are making is a direct result of the hard work each of you are doing. Every time you share your story, speak up online or in your community, or call your Member of Congress, you move us closer to winning this critically important fight for our families.

Thank you for being part of our work. Your voice matters and you’re adding new voices to the chorus working for change, too.