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First trans model may grace Men's Health cover in November

Men’s Health magazine is currently looking for their November cover, it seems they may have found one in transgender model Aydian Dowling; a first for the fitness monthly.

The muscular Dowling takes care of his body and is very proud to be in the running for the front of the periodical. It seems that readers are also in support of his strapping physique, giving him the edge with nearly 25,000 online votes.

In his submission, Dowling answered the question about staying fit and why it is important him, “Although I also love my day to day routines, smashing through thresholds and sculpting the body, there is nothing quite like the beauty being outside can do to a person,” he said.

The trans model spoke to People magazine about gender roles, and how to change them, "I want to break the stereotype of what a man should or shouldn't be, I think it would blow minds. I think it would be so affirming to young kids who are lost right now and depressed, to see somebody on a magazine, to see if I can do it, they can do it too."

The model also says that supporting his community is very important, "Giving back is a large part of my life. I started the first YouTube Collaboration BeefHeads Fitness, a channel geared towards Transgender Individuals looking to get fit and healthy. Also, I run multiple groups, Instagram accounts, and other social media platforms encouraging mental and physical health reaching over 45K combined," he said.

The contest ends on June 21., To read more about Aydian Dowling and to cast your vote, click HERE