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DeMaio taps government reformer as chief of staff

(SAN DIEGO) City Hall insiders were abuzz last week of the news of a major staffing change in the office of City Councilmember Carl DeMaio. DeMaio replaced his current Chief of Staff Jaymie Bradford with Felipe Monroig – the former head of DeMaio’s government efficiency think tank the Performance Institute.

“I’m looking forward to implementing Councilmember DeMaio’s reforms to fix city finances and restore public trust,” said Monroig. “As we saw first hand at the Performance Institute, leading change in government is difficult, but it can be done. I’m thrilled Carl has offered me a ring-side seat and role in that process.”

Monroig has been a long-time aide and advisor to DeMaio and spent eight years in various management positions in DeMaio’s companies.

His role extended far beyond day-to-day business management to include policy advocacy and consulting on a variety of government reforms.

Like DeMaio, Monroig has also worked with city and county governments across the country on a wide range of management reforms. Monroig also served as an instructor on Institute certification programs, covering performance measurement, managed competition and outsourcing, and government budgeting.

Those who have worked for DeMaio under Monroig’s management say it is a solid combination.

“Carl is an ideas guy, and Felipe is great at day-to-day implementation," said Tara Shuert, Vice President of the Performance Institute. "Felipe is not only an exceptional manager, he intimately knows about all the government efficiency reforms that Carl has been advocating."

Given the fit, it was a surprise to some that Monroig did not start out immediately as DeMaio’s Chief of Staff.

“As a new city councilmember, I wanted a veteran Chief of Staff who could help our office hit the ground running. Jaymie did an exceptional job doing just that,” said DeMaio. Bradford was hired from the Mayor’s office, and Monroig actually played a key role in that hiring process.

Monroig’s return to DeMaio’s team has been in the works since last summer, with Monroig and his wife beginning the relocation process from Washington, D.C.

The original plan was to pair Bradford and Monroig together, but in early January, Bradford was offered an opportunity to serve as the Mayor’s head of appointments to city boards and commissions, paving the way for Monroig to serve independently.