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San Diego Pride Board Chair returns $5,000 gift, hopes action will “end controversy”

(SAN DIEGO) San Diego Pride today announced that Board Chair Dr. Princetta has returned the $5,000 “stipend” he received in October 2009. Pride’s media relations representative, Frank Sabatini Jr., has affirmed to SDGLN that the Board has no intention of stepping down.

“I’ve been with San Diego Pride for eight years … so we’re not going to just walk away and let the organization flounder,” said Princetta in an interview obtained earlier this week by San Diego Uptown News. “Pride is a very strong organization. It will go on, and this will be forgotten.”

“San Diego Pride is looking forward to moving past this unfortunate event so it can get back to the exciting work of bringing San Diego's LGBT community together this Pride season and for many Pride seasons to come,” the organization stated in today’s release.

“San Diego Pride is excited about all it has in store for the upcoming year, and is looking forward to a fresh start, fresh energy, and fresh ideas.”

Community activists have started a petition calling for the resignation of the entire Board. A town hall meeting will take place at The San Diego LGBT Community Center on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 6 p.m. to address any concerns the general public may have on this issue.

Although Pride ambassadors and some staff plan to attend the meeting, SDGLN has been unable to confirm if Board members will be joining them.