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‘Tis the season for parties

I was listening to one of the morning talk shows as I drove to work last week and heard one of the DJs mention that; this year, she had been invited to more Christmas parties than ever before. I must agree with her. It’s been quite the year for Christmas parties. This past Friday night I had to juggle five.

Before the Christmas season came I was actually quite worried that there wouldn’t be very many parties this year because people seem to be in such an economic crunch. I was wrong. There have been plenty. Maybe it’s because things like Facebook make it so much easier to invite people. I attended a few parties in which the favorite social networking website was the invitation source, and the invite came despite my not knowing the host very well. I doubt I would have been invited if I weren’t in the host’s social networking realm.

Or maybe the mass influx of holiday gatherings is because of the economy. Maybe this is the host’s way of saying, “look- I still want you to like me so bring some booze and cookies over to my house for a party…but don’t expect a gift from me under the tree.”

It seemed like nothing short of Lady Gaga could interrupt the Christmas Party circuit. Looking through my Facebook invites, Saturday evening was like a dead zone – there was only one invitation, and it was to a birthday party (that I was happy to attend). Another friend of mine, whose birthday fell on “Gaga Day”, had to reschedule his plans because everyone he knew would be riding the disco stick and not available to celebrate. Christmas parties resumed on Sunday, and I have another one tonight I am really excited about.

With all of the parties I added to my already hectic schedule, I needed a little break, so last Thursday a couple of friends and I decided to do a Bikram yoga class. It was my first attempt at any sort of yoga, and I jumped right into the hot zone. It was a 90-minute class, and I made it through 84-minutes. Embarrassingly, I had to leave with just 6-minutes left in the class, and just about passed out in the hallway. Once the class ended, the amazingly beautiful instructor came to my rescue and perked me right back up. I think he is straight, which is no good for me, but I didn’t care (he was stunning and nurtured me back to health). My attempt at mental relaxation turned into falling in love with yet another boy – this one being totally off-limits.

But back to holiday parties, once the Christmas festivities die down, it’s time for the New Year’s festivities to commence. While I can’t say that I will follow the advice I am about to give, I wanted to share some thoughts on ringing in the New Year in a healthy way.

A good friend of mine asked me, “What’s the point of starting the New Year off with a hangover?” He mentioned that he usually just attends or hosts a classy dinner party, watches the countdowns, and hits bed early – waking up fresh and energized in the New Year.

Also, the beautiful yoga instructor mentioned that they will have a 10:30-11:59 p.m. Bikram yoga class on New Year’s Eve. He said, “why not do something for yourself on New Year’s Eve and start 2010 off with something healthy? You partied last year, there is always next year, and even next weekend to party.”

As for me, I doubt I’ll be at Bikram yoga on New Year’s Eve, and you will likely see me stumbling around Hillcrest.

So I realize this week’s column is slightly scattered, and it’s probably due to the overload of the season, so if you take nothing else from this, I want to wish all of SDGLN’s readers a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading my columns!